Exe to msi Converter Pro

Exe to MSI converter enables IT administrators to convert exe installers to the Windows Installer (MSI) packages. It does not require any special knowledge of scripting or programming. You can deploy these msi packages using AD GPO. It is a flexible tool that provides three methods of conversion: Repackager, MSI Wrapper and UI automation script.

Exe to MSI converter

latest update: April 18, 2017

Version history

System requirements: Windows 7/8/10, Windows Server 2008/2012/2016, NET Framework 4.5.2

How to convert Exe to MSI.

The tool provides three methods of conversion .exe setups to the Windows installer packages (MSI).

MSI Wrapper

You can create an msi file that contains one or several wrapped .exe installers. Exe to msi converter automatically detects an installer type (NSIS, Inno Setup and other) and configures command line switches for the silent installation.


UI Script

Use the UI Script recorder that lets you record and replay user actions such as mouse clicks and text typing. After the msi installation started, the script will be executed in the background mode.



Exe to MSI converter contains the repackaging tool that allows you quickly repackage .exe setups to the Windows Installer packages. An advanced scanning method provides fast capturing of registry and file system changes.


Deploy an .exe setups with GPO.

Created with Exe to MSI converter package files can be used for deploying the software in an enterprise environment.

Fully-functional evaluation version.
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